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We provide professional commercial cleaning and disinfection services

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These services generally cover the ongoing maintenance and cleaning of schools, businesses, and large office spaces. If you’re providing this service, you’ll have to concentrate on building a team of professional, efficient janitors. Typical duties include mopping, sweeping, and taking out the trash and general building maintenance like changing light bulbs and fixing broken doors.
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What We Do

We are committed to ensuring that our cleaning services offer skilled professionalism and reliability for your peace of mind. Our Heroes are regularly trained and follow all necessary protocols whilst performing their job with precision.

Office system cleaning
Hard floor surface maintenance and cleaning
Daily vacuuming and carpet care
Window cleaning
Entrance and lobby cleaning
Sanitization programs
Kitchen and breakroom cleaning
Trash removal
General dusting

Our Office and Building Cleaning

A clean office encourages productivity. Maintain a clean office environment – Find out more about our services! Our office cleaning offers you different solutions for a clean commercial place.

Office End of Tenancy

The office always seems clean until you remove all of your furniture and belongings. Then you realize how much dust was under this, and the amount of bugs behind that, and how many spills the kids really had. And then you have to do it all again at your new place. When you arrive, you can't help but wonder if the previous residents got their deposit back after leaving the place in this condition! And if you are moving offices, you also have to make sure the move doesn't interrupt business too much. We understand what you’re going through and we can help.

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Commercial After Party Cleaning

We provide thorough event cleaning services. No matter the size of your space or the extent of the work at hand, we pledge to get your home or venue looking its best. We strive to offer competitive rates; and we pride ourselves on being attentive and customer-focused. Don’t struggle to clean up after a major event. Let our team of professionals tackle the job for you. Call today for more information or to request an estimate. 

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Commercial post Construction Cleaning

Post-construction and post-remodel cleanup are best not left to the construction crew. It required a professional cleaning company on all job sites because, as the work is drawing to a close, you want to ensure a finish that presents well to your clients. This work is best performed by an experienced team who adheres to safety regulations, who has safe equipment and is mindful of deadlines. Whether your project is a large, newly constructed hospital facility or an existing home that is being remodeled, there will be plenty to clean up. We have the experience, tools and the drive to handle any size project. And really no job is too large or small.

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Our Featured Commercial Cleaning Services

We have a wide variety of commercial cleaning services to match your requirements. We're a trusted in commercial building and office, carpet, window cleaning service provider. Whether it is on a fixed, regular basis or a one-time event, we will ensure your house and/or office will be professionally cleaned and tidied. At every cleaning session, our workers follow a consistent, thorough cleaning routine so you can be assured of the best.

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Business Growth

Tax Consulting

Tax Management


All-round professional cleaning services for offices and commercial buildings. As the trusted office cleaning company, you can trust us to turn your commercial space into a clean and well-presented one. If you are located around Gauteng and looking for a commercial cleaning contractor for your office or house, look no further. We offer competitively priced cleaning service that is geared to your specific needs.

Office Cleaning

Daily responsibilities include trash removal, bathroom sanitization, floor care, break room and appliance cleaning, fingerprints cleaning for fingerprints and other general cleaning duties.

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Warehouse Cleaning

Streamlining your building safety and maintenance plan means establishing an exceptional rapport with your local warehouse cleaning experts.

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School Cleaning
School Cleaning

With so much traffic and many touch points and avenues for pathogens to spread, educational facilities need to be prepared with a meticulous school cleaning game plan.

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Mall 4
Shopping Mall Cleaning

Give a relaxing atmosphere for your tenants and customers. Our shopping mall cleaning services take care of the cleaning so you can take care of the business.

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Hotel Cleaning

Keep up with the demand of running a hotel without investing a lot on internal resources. Our hotel cleaning services will keep your hotel enticing to guests.

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Factory 2
Factory Cleaning

It’s not just about following the strict health and safety codes. Cleaning industrial locations is a have to keep quality work. Have our professional cleaners take charge for you.

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Sports Cleaning

Cleaning services offered to sports facilities such as gyms. Because these areas are a breeding ground for bacteria and the spreading of germs, they’re an ideal market for cleaning services..

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Medical Cleaning

Cleaning services provided to clinics and hospitals. Because these facilities for highly standard for cleanliness, medical cleaning is highly specialized.

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Banks 1
Bank Cleaning

We will keep it looking sparkling clean with the unique techniques and methods we have developed to ensure floor and teller stations are always clean.

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Car Dealership cleaning

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Our New Services

With our specialised event cleaning we provide fully insured cleaning operatives and a standardised cleaning specification to ensure efficient turnarounds. We’ll also use high tech machinery to clean delicate materials.

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